Let’s Go! Bourke & Vegas – I’m Alive (MUST DIE!) [HEAVY][LEGENDARY DUB]


We have too much to say about this one. MUST DIE! has been truly impressive in 2013. Following the release of his most recent EP ‘Caffeine‘, Lee Bates (also known as MUST DIE!) continues his onslaught of massive tracks. The young gun from Atlanta dropped this one yesterday (for free) on SoundCloud. Watch out for this producer, because he is about to blow up.

To begin, the synthesizer chord progression fades in perfectly parallel to the monster hook that kicks off the beginning of the track. Queue those emotive vocals, then bring in those rapid and spacy synth notes. “You bring me to life…”

Wait for it….”Now I’m Alive!”

Boom. It all adds up to one of the best jams the world of dubstep has seen all year, and we hope you get down to it. Or something.

2 comments on “Let’s Go! Bourke & Vegas – I’m Alive (MUST DIE!) [HEAVY][LEGENDARY DUB]

  1. […] tells you funky folks will be coming back for a second listen to this one. And if you like it, also check out another fresh track from this jolly ole’ fellow, his remix of  ’I’m Alive’ by Bourke & […]

  2. Rob Vegas says:

    Thank you so much for your support! Im glad you like the hook! Rob Vegas


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