Jump the Hump: Pierce Fulton – Get Weird 011 w/ Maor Levi [Mighty Fine Mix]

The title may sound sexual, but it’s not. Here’s how we see it:

Mondays suck because it is the farthest day from the weekend. But since it’s the first work day, motivation is typically at an all-time high. Tuesday has no real redeeming qualities besides the fact that it’s the farthest day from Monday. So that usually gets us through the day. Thursdays fly by usually, with visions of Friday on the horizon. Obviously Friday, Saturday, and Sunday fall into place accordingly.

So that leaves us with Wednesday. Ah, good old hump day.

Now that we’ve wrapped up today’s lesson, we decided to start a little weekly ritual that we like to call – Jump the Hump.

Here’s the latest mix from our favorite frat star turned producer, Pierce Fulton, as well as a guest mix by Maor Levi. Just a little piece of EDM to get your mind right. Check out the track list below.


01. Mord Fustang – Taito (Original Mix)
02. Moby & The Loops Of Fury – Para (Baskerville Remix)
03. Kryder – Viper (Original Mix)
04. Wolfgang Gartner – Anaconda (Original Mix)
05. Norin & Rad – Aldo (Original Mix)
06. Landis & Henry Fong – Get Down (Original Mix)
07. John Dish – Karmma
08. Lazy Rich – Insomnia (John Dahlback Remix)
09. Maor Levi & Pierce Fulton – Wanna Be (Club Mix)
10. Tommy Trash – Monkey See Monkey Do (Tom Staar Remix)
11. Walden – Intropial (Pierce Fulton Remix)
12. DallasK – Vice (Original Mix)

Maor Levi Guestmix:

13. Editors – Camera (Maor Levi’s Starlight Mix)
14. Edvard Viber & Tiff Lacey – Is This Love (Maor Levi Dub Mix)
15. Gabriel & Dresden feat. Betsie Larkin – Play It Back (Maor Levi Remix)
16. Maor Levi – Holding On (Original Mix)
17. Dankann & Antillas – When You Love Someone (Maor Levi Remix)
18. Maor Levi & Pierce Fulton – Wanna Be (Original Mix)
19. Maor Levi – Devotion (Interlude)


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