More Complextro from Its Master, Savant – The Arcade [FUNKY/HAPPY][FREE]

Upon hearing this you may think to yourself:

“How does Aleks pack 10 years of my childhood all into a single, three-and-a-half minute complextro track?”

We find it easiest not to attempt to understand Savant’s method. That’s like asking how many licks it takes to get to the center of a Tootsie Pop? Or how much does a can of tuna weigh? It’s truly unattainable information and you know what? It doesn’t matter how he does it. All that matters is that we have another fantastic song to jam to.

Savant has been sticking to the lighter, more poppy side of EDM as of late, but don’t you fret. He certainly hasn’t strayed away from creating the unfathomably complex layers of sound that we have all fallen in love with. Aleksander Vinter, aka Savant, takes chip-tune to the next level with this one. We assume that’s why it earned the ever-so appropriate title, ‘The Arcade’. 

From classic Mario, to modern Vario — Savant has found another way to cram sound after sound into his quality production. The master of complextro elegantly strews crunchy, eight-bit bytes all over this track. If you ever loved playing classic video games, you are sure to enjoy Savant’s latest creation.

Come see us at the arcade, “You’re gonna like it a lot.”


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