It’s Complextrocated: Vonikk – Nova [HAPPY][FREE DOWNLOAD]


The last time we heard from our boy Vonikk, he threw down with Electrode on Atrium — a synthed-out, dub-banger of dinosaur proportions. Come to think of it, those two make a nice pair. And if they were actual dinosaurs, they’d rule the Jurassic kingdom. Check out the last four collaborations uploaded to Electrode’s SoundCloud if you want an epic taste.

But that’s not why I am yelling at you!

I’m excited because Vonikk is going solo, and he’s doing fine all by himself. His new release ‘Nova‘ has got it all. Beginning with some progressive house demeanor, it develops into a true complextro gem. We find it hard to believe that talent like this could go relatively unnoticed, considering David Vonikk only claims around 1300 followers on his SoundCloud.

The songs ventures into many realms of the electric world, but always finds itself coming full-circle. The hook that Mr. Vonikk has crafted re-appears constantly throughout the track in perfect harmony.

It’s upbeat, melodic, and just plain fun!

This is definitely a track we’ll hope to hear next time were out doing some raging of our own. We hope you feel the same. Enjoy this one for the dangerously low price of $0.00.

That means free!!

2 comments on “It’s Complextrocated: Vonikk – Nova [HAPPY][FREE DOWNLOAD]

  1. Vonikk says:

    Thanks alot for the great feedback and sharing my track!

  2. great pick, this song fucking rocks


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