Cazzette Conquers Trap: Remixes Avicii and ‘Harlem Shake’ [NEW][FUNKY]

The Swedish duo known as Cazzette continues their dominance over anything EDM with their two new remixes of Baauers’ ‘Harlem Shake‘ and Avicii’s ‘Alcoholic‘.

Trap has slowly started to creep its way into the realm of electronic dance music. Known for its’ slower and heavier bass lines, trap music has typically gravitated towards audiences who are looking for the next step in rap and/or hip hop. It’s a love/hate relationship, that’s for sure.

But when artists like Cazzette take a swing at the up-and-coming genre, the result is bass-defying bliss. We at Rager Onions were not too fond of Baauers’ ‘Harlem Shake‘, and did not understand what all the fuss was about. That was until we heard what it sounded like in the hands of Sweden’s most menacing duo. It would have been much easier watching the onslaught of ‘Harlem Shake’ videos if this song was playing in the background.

I call a do-over.

On the other end of this post is a remix of Avicii’s lesser-known gem ‘Alcoholic‘. Crossing genres keeps things interesting, and promotes new, more inventive styles of music. We need artists to keep pushing the bar. Electronic music is dynamic and constantly developing. And that’s why we always crave more, so let’s keep it that way. Because more is good.

And we want more.


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