Thomas Fiss – Chasing Satellites (Hallywood X Remix) [HAPPY][FREE DL]


All you long-time followers of Rager Onions might recognize this producer.

We’ve had our eye on Hallywood X for quite some time now. Big things were brewing for this artist from Temuco, Chile*, and now they’re boiling to the surface – emerging in the form of an electro-pop summer anthem. Try not to smile, or move your body. It’s tough. I am currently struggling not to dance alone in my room at 1:57 am. Maybe that’s because I’ve eaten over a dozen Choco Tacos, or maybe it’s because Hallywood X’s up-tempo, electronic ecstasy is infectious. Whatever it is, you can hear it on this track. It’s not summer yet here in Chicago, so we hope this transports you to a warm place.

Peace, love, and popsicles.

One comment on “Thomas Fiss – Chasing Satellites (Hallywood X Remix) [HAPPY][FREE DL]

  1. He is from Temuco Chile hahahaha


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