SirensCeol – Can We Survive ft. Brenton Mattheus [New Artist][Heavy]


There was once a man from San Francisco.

This young man learned to play the piano at the age of 11, and the electric guitar at the age of 12. After countless lessons and repetition, he eventually matured into a highly esteemed and accomplished pianist. Did we mention that he currently attends UC-Berkeley as a full time-student?  Not exactly the easiest school to get into either. We know what you’re thinking,

“Wait a minute! This story doesn’t sound like it tells the tale of an up-and-coming EDM producer!”

Well I hate to break it to you, but it most certainly does. Stephen Burke, aka SirensCeol (pronounced “sirens key-ol” – Ceol is Gaelic for ‘music’ ) has had a change of heart. After purchasing EDM production equipment on a whim, this bright and talented young man has found his true niche: an electronic environment.

A few days ago he released a free track, Can We Survive. The production on this chilled-out and melodic dub ballad is unreal. We had to stop the track half-way through and play another random song just to compare the vividness of the sounds in each. It isn’t hard to guess whose beat rose above. The vocals on this jam are a true highlight as Brenton Mattheus sets the mood for SirensCeol’s reverberating synths, and stratospheric builds. Expect much more this year from the musical prodigy that is SirensCeol.

And learn to pronounce his damn name correctly. Jeez.

One comment on “SirensCeol – Can We Survive ft. Brenton Mattheus [New Artist][Heavy]

  1. […] Steven Burke, also known as SirensCeol, continues to impress the crew here at Rager Onions with his onslaught of recent releases on SoundCloud. The most notable of which is a remix of the lyrically charged track ‘Overcome’ by Brenton Mattheus. This is not the first time we have seen these two paired together. If you recall, we recently posted an article on their collaboration titled ‘Can We Survive‘. […]


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