Break It Down With Meltdown: Backflip (Original Mix) [HEAVY][New Single]


Do a barrel roll! Crap, that isn’t right. I gotta stop playing Starfox.

We meant to say Backflip, the hard-hitting new single from the relatively unknown duo known as Meltdown. This fast-paced, electro track should please fans of similar-sounding artists, like Knife Party or Zomboy. With fat, pumping bass to spare – this song will certainly set the stage for an auricular meltdown. Cinkoz and Eightiin, the DJ’s that comprise Meltdown, crafted a uniquely complex drop with layers of distinct melodies, all of which create one monster-ass beat.

The full track will drop on April 29th via Beatport.

One comment on “Break It Down With Meltdown: Backflip (Original Mix) [HEAVY][New Single]

  1. marlin says:

    Oh damn this is super dope. Also, Starfox FTW


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