Hip-Hoppin’ Into Dubstep – Haz and RHILLZ [HEAVY][FREE DL]

After the backlash from our last hip-hop post, we would just like to say: we told you so.

Alright, we admit that the “future” of rap is not destined to coagulate permanently with electronic music, but it certainly seems to be gravitating towards EDM’s flow. More and more producers are remixing hip-hop and R&B, as well has joining forces with artists of the latter genres to create original productions.

Haz and RHILLZ are a duo we stumbled upon, who appear to be ahead of the curve with their new release First Contact. The album is available for free download via their Facebook, here. 

Harrison Varnes (aka Haz) combines his “deadly dub-stepping sound design” with lyrical insanity, brought to you by RHILLZ, the self-proclaimed Lethal Lyricist. ‘First Contact’ introduces smoothly before smashing the scene with uptempo, filthy dub and clever lyrics to match. As the tune progresses, we are guided by our host RHILLZ on a stratospheric synth journey through the rough bass-heavy terrain that Haz maps out. ‘Don’t Stop The Music’ takes a focus on RHILL’s poetic genius. The dub is funky as hell and provides the perfect compliment to the vocals. Finally you are left with ‘Heartbeat.’ This one is more worthy of a dope, old-fashion rap anthem. The rolling electro beat create waves that RHILLZ elegantly flows on. A little more poppy, but a lot more fun.

Do yourself a solid, and listen to all three.


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