Euphoric Dub Adventure Time! Culture Code [HEAVY][Artist Spotlight]

The melodic and euphoric dub-chaos that is Culture Code is a growing gem in the EDM world. True, their sound will remind you of many artists you have already fallen in love with, but imagine combining all that greatness into one production duo. Chris B and Dylan N (members of Culture Code) are quickly climbing dubstep’s hierarchy.

These 19-year-old upstarts began crafting their sound in 2011 with one simple goal: remix their favorite artists. Well, it would seem they have certainly accomplished this task with flying colors. As you can imagine, 2012 proved to be a fruitful year for these electronic whippersnappers. Culture Code was given the chance to remix both Krewella’s ‘One Minute’ and Adventure Club’s hit ‘Wait.’ Pinning down their sound is a bit difficult because they explore many different styles in each song.

But one thing is clear, their sound is epic. I know, I know, that is probably the most overused word to describe a production. Who cares? I mean it. These boys can build a track better than most artists in the game, many of which crown them in experience. Now that says something. Did we mention the drops are pure euphoric insanity? We didn’t. Oh, okay

Culture Code’s most recent release, a remix of Young London’s ‘Broken’, is just another reason to keep your eye’s peeled for these British teenage heartthrobs in 2013.


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