Anjunabeats Presents: Jaytech – ‘Inception / Wipeout’ [HAPPY][Trance]

Over the past few years, the average age of producers and DJs has dropped significantly due to the current influx in musical technological advancements. Anyone can start producing music with a setup as simple as a laptop, pair of headphones/speakers, and a midi keyboard. That said, it does not mean the music you’re producing sounds good. And if it does sound good, then you should be famous in no time.


Trance expert Jaytech knows fame, and he’s only 26. If you’re reading this and you’re 26+, are you happy with where your career is headed? And if you’re under 26, are you on the right path to success? Somebody has to ask these tough questions.

Enjoy the two latest releases from Anjunabeats finest classically-trained composer. It’s just another example of how to make it in America. Or Chicago. Or France.

So all things considered, I present to you the Rager Onions’ No. 1 key to a successful life:

Flintstones Vitamins.


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