Don’t Call It a Comeback: Avicii Hushes the Critics [Happy][Promo Mix 2013]

The first time Rager Onions fell under the spell of Avicii was on November 12th, 2010.

The event?

BBC Radio 1’s Essential Mix hosted by Avicii.

The second time we at Rager Onions fell under the spell of Avicii was on April 10th, 2013.

The event?

Avicii’s Official SoundCloud Promo Mix 2013, featuring an hour of new album tracks.

After the EDM community tore his Ultra set to shreds, Ash Pournouri and At Night Management knew something had to be done to show the world that Avicii wasn’t fading into remission. His childish Twitter battles have gone on too long. Too many shows have been cancelled due to partying too hard and not spending enough time working on his craft. Yes, drinking and staying up all hours of the night because of touring and travelling does come with the territory. But the fans come first, and being hungover is no excuse. His recent activity has undoubtedly brought about skepticism, and that’s not the Avicii we all fell in love with three years ago.

However, time heals things. The Swedish wunderkind deserves another chance to prove why he is the most hated & most loved producer in the world. Why, you may ask?

Anyone that can gain so much criticism and appraisal for releasing just about anything and also be chastised for making too good of a song in ‘Levels’ to the point where DJ’s were mocking the song for being played too often on the radio and in clubs and in other DJ’s sets and in commercials and on clothing lines and need I say more or do you get the picture without me continuing this ridiculous run-on sentence.

Without further ado, we present the most enjoyable hour of music heard yet in 2013. Thank you Avicii, you are back in our good graces (like you ever left).


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