Firepower Records presents MUST DIE! — Caffeine — [Funky, Way Funky][New EP]

Somewhere at any given time in the universe, there is a blue-eyed, incredibly obnoxious, 21 year old boy. It just so happens that this particular boy is MUST DIE!  

That’s funny! But – I pulled this from the official Soundcloud page of MUST DIE! I wish I wrote it. I wish I did a lot of things. Like sky-diving, or a somersault. Unfortunately, my physique never allowed me these luxuries growing up. I have no idea where I’m going with this. Which is a lot like this EP, you never know where the hell it’s going. But I say that as a good thing. In an industry growing with competition – Lee Bates is certainly standing out, straight out of the ATL.

I wonder if he’s homeboys with Popeska?

Just released on Firepower Records, ‘Caffeine’ features six unique tracks, and some of the funkiest electro we’ve come across. The style of MUST DIE! is hard to explain, but easy to enjoy. Mixing quirky bass and high-pitched melodies – he manages to keep it funky, heavy, and even a little happy. To put it in our own terms.

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