(NEW) Savant: ‘Black Swan 2013’ & ‘UNTZ 2013’ [HAPPY][FUNKY][FREE DL]

Last Friday, Savant dropped one of the best openings to any song in 2013 with his release of ‘Black Swan 2013’. Fading in a sample from Pyotr Ilyich Tchaikovsky (the melody from the theme song of Black Swan), Aleksander takes a legendary harmony and transforms it into an unexpected, complextro drop that stays true to Savant’s cornerstone chip-tune sound.

Only hours after releasing ‘Black Swan 2013’, Savant could not wait to hand out another download at no cost. A little more on the heavy and funky side, ‘UNTZ 2013‘ sticks to the complex style, while lowering the bass-line and masking the main synth which allows for more frequency space.

More frequency space means additional sounds. Additional sounds means more complexity. Is it science?

We’ll let you be the judge.


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