Chicago Style: New Krewella EP – Come & Get It (The Remixes) [HAPPY][HEAVY][FUNKY][FREE DL]


Nobody blends lyrics and dubstep like Krewella. And no stranger to Rager Onions (of course), the Chicago trio dropped their latest masterpiece, a six-track remixed EP of ‘Come & Get It’.

The new compilation features remixes by Savoy, Razihel, Rogue, The Chaotic Good, Kairo Kingdom and DMNDZ. Each song brings something different to the table, ranging from bass-thumping trap remixes to melodic feel-good dubstep to funk-tastic (that’s a real word) moombahton. To save you the hassle of listening to the entire EP and wasting time with remixes you don’t want to listen to, we decided to list them in a specific order.

So, I guess here are our rankings. Suck it.

1. ‘Come & Get It’ (Razihel Remix)

2. ‘Come & Get It’ (Rogue Remix)

3. ‘Come & Get It’ (Kairo Kingdom Remix)

4. ‘Come & Get It’ (The Chaotic Good Remix)

5 ‘Come & Get It’ (Savoy Remix)

6. ‘Come & Get It’ (DMNDZ Remix)

One comment on “Chicago Style: New Krewella EP – Come & Get It (The Remixes) [HAPPY][HEAVY][FUNKY][FREE DL]

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