Electric Joy Ride & Galaski – Dynamite Moon Zombies [HEAVY]

If songs had video captions, this one would involve animatronic children in lederhosen dancing joyfully on a jungle gym in perfect unison.

Until moon zombies beam them up from space…


Producers Electric Joy Ride and Galaski have found that middle ground with this new track. The song opens with an ominous audio recording followed by the harmonious vibrations of a scaling synthesizer.  It doesn’t take long for the tandem of producers to break that beat and tantalize the listeners with their complex dub euphoria.

As the madness ensues, they pile on electronic sounds to form this incredibly catchy hook. The listener will instantly recognize it as the cornerstone sound in a track known for its’ complexity.

All electronic insanity considered, it makes for one epic banger. This one has been on Rager Repeat for the past couple of days and we thought we’d pass it on to you, the loyal listener.

Rage on.


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