Ghosts Party, Too: Capital Cities – Safe and Sound (Party Ghost) [HAPPY] [HEAVY]

We wish we could see ghosts. That would be sweet.

Well, if these transient beings don’t pass before your eyes, at least they’ll catch your ear. Party Ghost, aka Chris Mehrtash, isn’t like your average ghost. Producing EDM for about a year now, this L.A. based producer is certainly off to a good start – being a ghost. He has received praise not only for his originality but also for the quality of his recordings – being a musician.

Sidenote, how we rank creatures at Rager Onions:

1. bunnies
2. party ghosts
3. turtles
4. other ghosts

In a recent interview with WompWorthy, Chris refers to a new wave EDM as “a revolution in music and we are just at the forefront.” We at Rager (Onions) couldn’t agree more. With loads of talented producers uploading their songs to SoundCloud, it may seem difficult to weed out the true talent. But don’t worry, Party Ghost makes it easy on you.

With his most recent remix of the indie-pop anthem ‘Safe and Sound’ by Capital Cities, Chris has added a touch of beautiful electronic intricacy. While bolstering the already epic vocals, Party Ghost throws in slews of melodic electronic non-sense. The result is pure audio bliss. Try not to smile as this one drops. We know we did.

Just in case your not convinced…a mashup for the ages.


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