The Dirtiest of Dutch: Vicetone feat. Jonny Rose – Stars [HAPPY][New Track]


The boys are back in town. From The Netherlands. Where they live.

Every week is a constant battle, waiting in anticipation for some of that sweet, sweet Vicetone. Their latest release called ‘Stars’ features the lovely vocals of Jonny Rose. After gaining early support from the likes of Hardwell and Nicky Romero, the men in orange finally gave us the full version on Trice Recordings/Armada Music.

Vicetone has patented a unique sound that no other artist could even try to replicate it without sounding like a complete replica. They start with a rising, atmospheric kick that drops off into an emotionally-poised melody, all while slowly creeping up on that signature big house drop. Throw in some enchanting lyrics and synths that make your tighty-whitey’s wet, and what do you get? One of the most uplifting chord progressions in the game today.

We call it melodic arena house, but feel free to choose a name of your liking. Because we know there’s people out there analyzing every tid-bit of our writing, searching for any sort of error to call us out on.

But guess what?? We don’t care!!

We’ll pull down your underwear!

2 comments on “The Dirtiest of Dutch: Vicetone feat. Jonny Rose – Stars [HAPPY][New Track]

  1. […] Fresh of his hit ‘Stars’ (prod. by Vicetone), Jonny Rose adds another anthem to his resume with this one. It’s a smooth, vibrant, and raw hymn – with the perfect balance of bittersweet vocals and a vibrant, 80′s dance backdrop. […]

  2. […] a vocalist you may have already encountered while listening to Victone’s smash single “Stars“, this latest track by Sam and Sven highlights the duo’s true ability to develop a […]


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