The Silver Lining EP – Schoolboy & James Egbert [HEAVY][DIRTY COLLABORATION]

Is this real life?

It’s one collaboration we never saw coming, and damn we want more!

James Egbert and Schoolboy are two average-sized fish in the EDM sea, but we’ve seen them grow from minnows to sharks over the past two years. If you have not checked out either artist yet, go here and here. You’ll thank us later. Or whenever it’s convenient for you.

There is one attribute that each of these producers share: complexity. Both Schoolboy and Mr. Egbert know music. We are aware, this statement may seem dumb, but it’s completely true. The tandem found a way to combine hard-ass, bass-driven filth with uncanny, melodic sophistication. It’s a bit hard to describe, so we suggest you just give them a listen.

As the weather warms up here in the Chi, we’ll be sure to blare this one with the windows down. On Lake Shore Drive. In the convertibles we don’t have.

Don’t worry, we included a couple of our favorite tracks from each artist as well.

James Egbert:



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