Sensation For Summer 13′: Martin Solveig & The Cataracs – Hey Now feat. Kyle [Happy][New Track]

Ready to go? What’s that sound? Are you big in Japan?

These are questions that Martin Solveig asks himself, the night in and the night out. Doesn’t Martin Solveig’s life seems like the coolest? The only time I saw this French DJ legend was in Hasselt, Belgium – attending a fine affair known as Sensation White. It became clear why he’s notorious among disapproving parents for getting the party started.

The man in the headband won’t quit. Our pipeline is stuffed with new music right now, but Martin’s latest gem shined through it all. Lyrics fit for a spunky summer blend magically with Solveig’s pop-perfect electro backdrop. And make a track that’s sure to shoot up the charts.

It’ll keep your head bobbing, your ears happy, and your eyes wandering.

Hey now, we’re not saying hello anymore.


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