Dill-irious > Bieber Fever: Passion Pit – Carried Away (Dillon Francis Remix) [Funky]

Let’s play a game we just made up called ‘name three words that make you feel funny’. Okay me first, ‘Dillon Francis Remix’. I win.

Although we got carried away sippin’ some Yuengling in Florida – gettin’ our Easter Bunny on and all – Dillon Francis also got his bunny on. With an incredibly original spin on Passion Pit’s ‘Carried Away’, Dillon Francis strikes gold again. Chopping up the original vocals with his primary groove, Francis shows why he’s becoming a legend in the craft of remixing. Right after dropping his latest original track ‘Messages’, Dillon dropped another anthem for Summer 2013, and another reason I wish it was festival season.

Without question one of his sassiest yet, Mr. Francis poured some sweet spice into this popular jam. Look out, it’s contagious. (I see you swaying those shoulders).


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