“Making memories and then destroying them…”—Revolvr— [FREE DOWNLOADS] [HAPPY] [HEAVY]

Revolvr has been dropping some pretty colossal remixes as of late.

Ignitor of all things bass, Vegas producer Touvan Sughiarto has made quite a name for himself since his 2011 debut. His musical style stems from artists like The Prodigy and Crystal Method, and he said that one significant experience changed his career path and his life forever.

It was the year 2010, and the sun was rising at a little known festival called Burning Man.

“I was watching the sun come up, and something overcame me. It was like I got slapped in the face. I knew that I needed to be doing music. I wasn’t happy in the corporate environment even though I was doing well in it. I wanted to walk away from everything I was doing and chase what I loved. I went home, quit my job, camped out in the studio for four months, and found my sound.”

Many artists create their name from some irrelevant story from their childhood or because one of their friends thought it would be a cool nickname. Revolvr, however, does nothing without reason.

“Revolvr doesn’t reference a gun. The name points to the fact that my style revolves around so many different aspects of music. I take what I feel I connected to in each genre and infuse that into my own work, whether it’s a remix or an original production.”

After releasing an EP featuring Lea Luna on Dim Mak Records in 2012, Touvan has not slowed up. His newest release, a remix of Bootik & Silvertongue’s  ‘In My Head’, combines grimy electro chops, rising synths and some 90’s pop style lyrics. Also, check out ‘Push’ if you’re looking for some of that funky 110 BPM and a shout out from the man, the myth, the legend, Adam “Dwayne” DeMamp.


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