F.O.O.L. – Fuck It (Original Mix) [FUNKY][HEAVY] [FREE]

Looks like the orchestral electro duo from Sweden is giving the middle finger to Dim Mak Records on this this one.

Known for their combination of hard electro and melodic house interludes, Swedes Rasmus Hermansen and Oliver Nilssonhard have established a worldwide army of followers through the use of blogs and social media. After debuting their EP Ashy Diamond Lungs in 2009, F.O.O.L. knows no boundaries with their latest release, ‘Fuck It’, out for free on SoundCloud.

After Dim Mak Records (Steve Aoki’s “label”) dropped the ball(s) on labeling this one as their own, the rebellious tandem put the title to fruition.

…speaking of not giving a shit, F.O.O.L. decided to annihilate our ears and our audio systems with their latest EP Destroyer Of Speakers.


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