Classical Dubstep: Kaleidoscope Orchestra’s Take on Flux Pavilion [Live]

Tuesday mornings are only good for three things: coffee, The Price is Right, and classical dubstep.

All modern music stems from the roots of our harmonic four fathers. At the current rate of digital production, manual instruments could become outdated and unnecessary.

We at Rager Onions disagree.

And to prove it, here’s The Kaleidoscope Orchestra performing a live, 12-minute orchestral masterpiece to the tune of dubstep menace Flux Pavilion. Hearing a classical take on dubstep helps to appreciate the talent and skill current producers possess. Behind each womp and wobble, there’s a beautiful melody just waiting to be transformed.

And that’s what music is. Transforming an old sound into a new sound, making it unique. Because let’s face it. A copy is a copy of a copy. Of a copy.

Copy that.


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