Tritonians Unite: Tritonal Releases New Podcast Series —Tritonia— [HAPPY][FUNKY]

After completing the 100th episode of their radio show, our favorite electro-Texans have decided to mix it up.

The decision to end Air Up There stemmed from the expansion of Tritonal’s record label, Air Up There Recordings, as well as the popularity of their fan base known boldly as “Tritonians”. Tritonal has released the first edition of Tritonia, a newly formatted podcast, spinning the latest and greatest in all things trance.

The new podcast will take a unique, fan-based approach to traditional radio broadcasts. Tritonians will not only be featured throughout each podcast, but they will get to interact and share their EDM stories and receive giveaways, contests and new tracks. Each show will be broadcasted weekly on and Sirius XM’s Electric Area


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