Study Tunes: Popeska —The Feeling of Being Watched— EP [HAPPY] [FUNKY]

Popeska has rarely asked fans to pay for any of his music. But this is one purchase that makes sense, just let him tell you why:

“I started working on this little project way back on the tour in October, and I just recently finished it! It’s a 4 song concept thing all about “The Feeling of Being Watched,” which is a feeling that means so many different things in my life and I’m discovering more meanings for it pretty much every day. I could talk for a long time about these songs and everything about them (think 11th grade literature class) but I guess I’ll keep it short and just say listen to them back to back because they all go together! Also, I love putting out free music and stuff, but this one is ALMOST free haha actually it’s totally free but if you choose to pay whatever you want for it, I’m giving 100% of all the proceeds to the Atlanta Music Project, which is a nonprofit organization here in Atlanta that’s doing really good work in helping music be a part of everyone’s education, and school music programs can always use all the help they can get. Picking up an instrument was the best decision I’ve ever made, so I hope everyone at least gets the chance.”

Giving back to the place that raised you is important, regardless of your upbringing. It’s the people and places closest to your heart that make you the person you are today. Not the clothes on your back or the car that you drive. Popeska gets that, and that’s why he has the influence and wherewithal to make it in an exponentially-growing electronic music market.

Enjoy The Feeling of Being Watched.

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