New England’s Brotegie –Pierce Fulton– [HAPPY]

At the ripe age of 20, Pierce Fulton cleared his own path through hard work and crafty dedication.

Representing all that is good in balancing work and school, the American producer has found a way to make it behind the decks as well as in the classroom. New England’s finest ‘brotegie’ began his unique career with the release of Pardon My French, the EP released on Cr2 Records. Pierce orchestrates his production through ambient down-tempo electronics combined with deep, absorbent bass. His remix palette includes songs by Steve Aoki, Usher, and Chuckie – as well as support from big time artists like Above and Beyond and Tiesto.

After a rocking 2012, Pierce looks to take 2013 by storm. His remix of Walden’s ‘Intropial’ shows his keen ability to take the positive elements of a song and deduct the missing link. But Pierce didn’t gain respect by remixing alone. Check out his new collaboration with Israeli legend Maor Levi titled ‘Wanna Be’.

Do you know where you want to be?

Pierce does.

And he aint’ no wanna-be.


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