Slowly but surely – Atlanta has started to make a name for themselves as a mini-hub for EDM, and most particularly dubstep. With rumors stirring about Tomorrowland possibly coming to the ATL in 2014, it’s hard not to pay attention. Although we doubt it, as it seems the city has no permissible venue for such a grand affair. People we know in Georgia told us (they’re cool, don’t worry).

Helping lead the way is Lee Bates, better known as MUST DIE!

With wobbles and bass as his hammer and nail, MUST DIE! has built an audial Taj Mahal with his latest EP, ‘WEIRD’. With releases on Dim Mak, Subhuman, Play Me, and Mad Decent Records, Lee possesses the skill set to wreck speakers and dance floors alike. Each song contains a specific sound unlike any other on the EP, all while synchronizing a similar groove throughout. With the release of volume one, we can only assume that a second volume is in the works.

8-bit never sounded so good.


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