City 17 –Ignite It– EP [SectionZ Records] [HAPPY] [FUNKY]


After winning the Lights All Night Festival contest and opening for some of the biggest names in EDM (Tiesto, Zedd, Avicii), City 17 has released their much anticipated debut album Ignite It, out now on SectionZ Records.

The LA duo of Felipe Pereira and Justin Anderson haven’t waited long to make a name for themselves in the ever expanding electronic music spectrum. Known for their hard hitting anthems and feel good dance jams, the LA natives know how to throw down an epic live performance that won’t soon be forgotten. Also check out their new remix of the (arguably) best piece of production in the history of electronic dance music, Deadmau5’s ‘Strobe’. Nothing will ever beat the original, but attempting the remix is a feat in itself.

By the way, which city is 17?

Wherever it is, we want in.

One comment on “City 17 –Ignite It– EP [SectionZ Records] [HAPPY] [FUNKY]

  1. You have a new Rager Onions fan now… You keep reviewing the artists I like!


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