Tom Swoon Ft. Amba Shepherd – Not Too Late (NEW Bassnectar & PatrickReza Remix) [HEAVY]

Thanks for stopping into the second edition of ‘Long Hair, Don’t Care’ (all three of us have short hair).

After listening to the preview over 450 times, they’ve finally dropped it. Destroying the new hit from Tom Swoon (formerly Pixel Cheese), PatrickReza & Bassnectar present their rendition of ‘Not Too Late.’ And good grief – we dig it!

The track starts to scream house after building from the transcendant vocals of Amba Shepherd, but don’t get too excited. With the help of Bassnectar, PatrickReza manages to turn that beautiful buildup into a dirty-ass drop. Here, Reza utilizes that signature grime of The Bass Master himself, Lorin Ashton. The winding dubs just make you wanna nod your head in unison to the beat, and the lyrics will make you nod your head and say “word up”.

To paraphrase Amba Shepherd…”You dont know [it] but it’s not too late. You can take forever cause [it’s] worth the wait.”


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