The Man, The Myth, The Rising Legend: Savant —Heart— New EP [Happy][Heavy][Funky]


The electronic enigma that is Savant has quenched our musical palates once again. Aleksander Vinter, the man behind the growing legend of Savant, is the real deal. Just in case we haven’t told you yet.

Suffering from a high functioning form of autism known as Asperger Syndrome, this production mastermind is said to have produced over 10,000 songs of various genres in his lifetime! We don’t feel like using a calculator, but that’s a lot.

According to the internet source commonly known as Wikipedia, “AS (Asperger Syndrome) is an autism spectrum disorder that is characterized by significant difficulties in social interaction, alongside restricted and repetitive patterns of behavior and interests.” We emphasize ‘repetitive’ because Vinter is on the winning end of this mental phenomena. It would seem ten thousand songs cannot lie.

The young producer out of Norway has a sound like none other. He smashes the barriers between genres to bring the listener one hell of a complextro masterpiece (on every song). His most recent release is no different. We have never seen a EDM artist that can produce songs at the rate Savant does.

Last year, Aleks released 5 full length albums, not to mention the various singles, remixes, and EP’s he dropped. Savant draws a lot of his influence from classic video game sounds. It becomes quite apparent when you listen to any of his tracks. His new album solidifies even more that this musical genius deserves more of the limelight. When it dropped, it reached the number one spot on Beatport’s top 100 releases, as well as notable placements in the electro house, dubstep, and and glitch-hop charts.

Attached below is a teaser of his new album ‘♥ (heart).’ Just buy it on Beatport already. Here, we made it easy.

One comment on “The Man, The Myth, The Rising Legend: Savant —Heart— New EP [Happy][Heavy][Funky]

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