Figure Remixes Deltron 3030 and Qwel –FREE DOWNLOADS– [FUNKY][HEAVY][FREE]


After receiving a healthy number of views on his last remix of Aesop Rock’s ‘Coffee’, we thought you might dig some of these other rap re-stylings by the producer out of Indiana.

Josh Gard, aka Figure, knows good rap. And no, were not talking about Flo Rida, Soulja Boy or even Lil Wayne. We are talking about spoken word eloquence. Poetry at its’ finest. Deltron 3030 and Qwel have a unique way with words on these next two tracks, which leaves us wondering just one thing.

Why isn’t all rap music like this?

Maybe if it was, the general (educated) populace wouldn’t be so hesitant to give the lost genre another try.

Regardless, Figure has a knack for pairing his heavy, bass driven insanity with the lyrical genius of rappers like Aesop Rock, Deltron 303 and Qwel. Make sure to pass these free downloads on to your bros and brojettes.

Spread the word. Spread the love. Spread the onions.

2 comments on “Figure Remixes Deltron 3030 and Qwel –FREE DOWNLOADS– [FUNKY][HEAVY][FREE]

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  2. […] of his remixes will be a testament to this man’s knowledge of musical theory and composition. I said it before and I will say it again, Josh Gard knows good music, and he knows how to manipulate other’s music to his own […]


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