Getter’s Back With New Teaser ‘Space’ [HEAVY!]

There’s no escaping the wrath of Getter.

This track sounds like it should be played in a movie theater, not a club. Actually a club works too. It would also be the perfect compliment to a spooky video game soundtrack (perhaps the Dead Space saga?).

When I listen to it, I imagine an astronaut hurling through cosmic space dimensions, in a bad way. The dark dub of Getter is unlike anything I have ever heard. On his Soundcloud he states that this is “my take on deep shit.” Your take on deep shit? If this is your ‘deep shit’ I don’t even want to know what your ‘scary shit’ is.

Strap yourself in. Prepare for blastoff and oh, and don’t get lost up there. You might just hear this freaky jam resonating in the bowels of deep space.

Oh, and he dropped this trill Datsik remix last night.


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