Cedric Gervais & Borgore – Deception [HAPPY][HEAVY]

The last time Cedric Gervais and Borgore crossed paths was on Gervais’ remix of ‘Decisions’ from last year. Cedric took a filthy, disgusting dubstep anthem and transformed it into a melodic house masterpiece. Miley Cyrus provided the vocals (pre-butch haircut).

And yes, the bitches still love cake as well as other various baked goods.

This time around it’s a little bit different. Borgore and Cedric teamed up to produce an uncanny House/Dubstep track. The juxtaposition of the two genres may seem noticeable, but it’s certainly not unacceptable. After Borgore’s last release ‘Incredible’, we were a little worried about Tel Aviv’s infamous bachelor. This song should clear up any doubt.

As it begins, Cedric’s house styling is first onto the scene. While it progresses to the drop, Borgore’s dirty grime rears its ugly head.  If you like both artistic styles separately, it shouldn’t take long to hop on board. While not for the faint of heart, this song deserves a listen. Why you ask?

I don’t know, just listen to it. Okay?



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