Monstercat Madness! [Mixtape] [FUNKY][HAPPY][HEAVY]

It looks like Monday is the “fun day” for Monstercat fans. Their ‘Aftermath’ mixtape was released today on Monstercat Media, spitting together some of EDM’s rising stars. So what we’re saying is – if you haven’t heard of Monstercat, GET ON OUR LEVEL!

Monstercat Media (Waterloo, Canada) is quickly becoming one of the hottest labels in the game.

MCat believes: “We are proving that independent labels have the ability to reshape the music industry landscape, while supporting up and coming musicians.”

Monstercat also defines themselves in two regards:

1. Being the label (promoting new artists is their goal here).

2. ‘The Network.’ According to their Facebook, “Monstercat is the premier YouTube network for electronic artist looking to grow a social presence. We provide support, guidance and networking opportunities to all of our artists.”

Damn. Looks like you better sign with Monstercat if your trying to get shit done.

Or tryin’ to rage.


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