Daughter – Medicine (Sound Remedy Remix) [HAPPY] [FUNKY] [FREE DL]


A Chicagoan that knows how to remix. And a name that subconsciously suggests it. 

Sound Remedy, currently residing in L.A., has a knack for electrifying rather uncanny songs. On his Facebook, Sound Remedy claims that he “Cant Stop. Won’t Stop. EVER.” 

Ever? That’s pretty ill, dude. It’s a promise that makes us excited, and even a little bit hot and bothered (the good kind of hot and bothered). 

With triumphant vocals from Elena Tonra in his remix of ‘Medicine’, Sound Remedy masters that choppy chill-step he’s become famous for throwing down.

And just to give as generic of a summary as possible, his remix of ‘Medicine’ is one of our favorites thus far in 2013.

One comment on “Daughter – Medicine (Sound Remedy Remix) [HAPPY] [FUNKY] [FREE DL]

  1. […] His remix of Daughter’s ‘Medicine’ has been popping up everywhere, and it’s no coincidence.  What separates Sound Remedy from the rest is his mid-tempo style that fades into a more complex electronic backdrop. […]


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