Justice Is Served: Boys Noize –Ich R U– (Justice Remix) [Legendary Funk]


Bonjour! Happy Friday everybody, the French electronic duo is back.

After another successful year in 2012, the nu-disco mad men of Justice are at it again with a remix of Boys Noize’s dark and funky “Ich R U” , out now on Ed Banger Records. While their productions are far and few, their silence only builds the anticipation. Unlike Daft Punk, they’re awarding eager fans with music – not screensaver backgrounds.

And with only two studio albums and one live album under their belt, Justice knows that each new release sets off a whirlwind of critique and analysis. But, they’ve certainly pleased these critics. Even without ‘album artwork’.

One comment on “Justice Is Served: Boys Noize –Ich R U– (Justice Remix) [Legendary Funk]

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