Blondfire – Walking With Giants (Shreddie Mercury Remix) [HAPPY][FUNKY]

Without further ado, we bring you an emerging artist from College Town USA, and one of the greatest cities in the history of mankind – Columbia, Missouri. Also known as COMO (we’re allowed to call it that).

At the ripe age of 22, Shreddie Mercury has already made a name for himself. And winning the Interscope Records/Beatport competition for the best remix of Zedd’s ‘Spectrum’ was just the beginning. Zedd hand picked his remix as the best out of 2,500 entries. Something tells us that luck didn’t play a major role.

We believe Jonathan Kane brings something new to the table, that much-needed complexity to house music. On his Facebook, he describes his sound as “a gripping style of electro house and emotionally complex synth lines.” Sounds rad. From the sound of it, this young man was built to remix. And his new release of ‘Walking With Giants’ by Blondfire is no slouch. The funky intro gets the listener ready to move. So queue the build, que the drop, que the dance party.

A wise man once said “the bigger they come, the harder they fall.”

Try not to fall too hard over this one.


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