Beautiful Dubstep: Crywolf & Aylen – Silence Pt. II [HAPPY][HEAVY]


Who said dubstep isn’t beautiful? Cause they were a big fat liar!

Andrew Lin, aka Aylen, teams up with Justin Phillips of Crywolf to produce one hell of a Luvstep track.

The cherubic vocals of Charity Lane compliment the song’s heavier elements. Her lyrics are staggering, but calming. Plucking at the listener’s heartstrings, her voice is the perfect preface for Aylen’s masterfully complex drop.

“You never told me you were hiding from yourself inside,” Charity repeats throughout the track.

Well, stop hiding! Grab the hand of that cute boy or cute girl, and lead them to the dance floor. Tell them they’ve been in your T-3 since 4th grade, and tell them to wait for the drop. They’ll know how you feel. Hopefully.

One comment on “Beautiful Dubstep: Crywolf & Aylen – Silence Pt. II [HAPPY][HEAVY]

  1. […] chopped vocals for instance. Ever since we had heard Crywolf’s collab with Aylen titled The Silence Pt. II., we’ve been patiently waiting for another one of his masterfully elegant vocal […]


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