Heavy Drop From SectionZ: Exhorth – Rasta Trip [HEAVY]

We don’t know much about this Brazilian DJ. What we do know is that his latest single, ‘Rasta Trip’ was released on SectionZ Records. Why yes of course, the same record label as one of our main bro-hammers here at Rager Onions – Savant.

On SectionZ’s Facebook page they state that “excellence > genre.”  Call us radical – but we could not agree more.

This motto is portrayed in the artists they sign. Slapping a “genre label” on any of these producers would overlook their ability to shatter the boundaries of classifying music. The defined lines between sub-genres in EDM will begin to blur, for the better.

Exorth‘s combination of reggae rhythm and heavy dub is certainly not for the faint of heart. Beautifully brutal, and perfectly complex. Rage On, Mon.


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