Throttle – Inspire (Free Mashup) [HAPPY][FUNKY]

‘Inspire’ by Throttle is the unearthly precipitate that forms when you give an Aussie a launchpad and a license to kill.

The 16 year old producer out of Melbourne draws from a palette of electronic music to create a perfectly concise mashup. Just as an artist would, he uses the songs as his watercolors and his midi as the paintbrush. This is a work of art.

It’s one thing to mash together a bunch of songs, hit ‘beat match’ and call it a day. Using nothing but his fingers and a DAW, Throttle produces something so unfathomable and so transcendental that it can only be described as organized pandaemonium.

Don’t believe me?

Check out the live mashup HEREand grab the free download after the break.


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