[PRYDA] Jeremy Olander –Let Me Feel– [HAPPY]

With an emphatic seal of approval from Eric Prydz, Jeremy Olander has catapulted onto the EDM scene. The 24 year-old producer out of Stockholm recently signed a deal with Pryda Friends, the brainchild of Mr. Prydz himself.

He eagerly describes the song as ‘infectious’, and states that it has been stuck in his head for weeks. As of today the new release has sky rocketed up the Beatport Top 100 Progressive House tracks.

Jeremy was spot on when he titled his next hit “Let Me Feel” because it does just that. The fact that this song takes place in A#major key makes it so much brighter than most current progressive house songs. The high pitched, scaling synths make the song stratospheric, an epic piece of production that deserves our support.

Enjoy the preview below, and make sure to buy it on Beatport today.



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