Showtek Shows Up –Crunk/Slow Down– [HAPPY][HEAVY]

The Janssen brothers have been in the game for quite  a while now. According to their wiki, they starting producing electronic music all the way back in 2001. Between then and now, they have produced under the names: Boys Will Be Boys, Dutch Masters, Headliner, Lowrider, Unibass, DJ Duro, Walt, Walt Janssen, Mr. Puta, and, most recently, Showtek. Obviously, Sjoerd and Wouter Janssen have plenty of experience in the biz.

As of late, they have shifted their focus towards house music, more specifically Progressive and Electro House.

It doesn’t come as a surprise that this production duo is straight out of the Netherlands. There are certainly plenty of talented EDM artists pouring out of the Oranje, so what makes their music so unique?

Well, for one, the polished sound and cleanliness of each track is impeccable. Each song transforms complexity into simplicity, something that takes most musicians a lifetime to achieve.

On their website they describe each song specifically:

“‘Crunk’ is an all-out high-octane jump house anthem and ‘Slow Down’ a heavy progressive track with a trance inspired melody. Both are so fully charged with filthy bass, piercing synths and huge vocals that they will have you cranking up the speed dial until you blow your speakers!”

Happy Tuesday.


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