(NEW) Alvin Risk –Skyclad– [HEAVY]


After appearing on the Letterman Show as a backup singer for  Zedd, that guy with glasses released his first original mix of 2013.

While the name Alvin Risk may not sound too familiar, his production catalog surpasses the norm for quality electronic music. It’s no wonder that dubstep’s head-honcho Skrillex discovered and signed Risk in 2011, before anyone else could get their hands on him. Alvin Risk orchestrates his melodies in symphonic monotony. His background of all things composition gives him a rare musical insight that most musicians lack.

Without further ado, may we present ‘Skyclad‘.

3 comments on “(NEW) Alvin Risk –Skyclad– [HEAVY]

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  3. […] and signed by Skrillex in 2011, you had to figure this producer would just keep climbing. After dropping his most recent hit Skyclad, Risk extended his capacity for creating brilliant music even further. This time […]


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