Mad Liberator & The Gram-Addict Strike Again [PREVIEW] — My People — [FUNKY] [Really..Funky]


An occasion far too grand to put off for morning – the return of Grizmatik.

For the funky of heart, Grizmatik is electronic soul in its grooviest harmony. A collaboration between two mighty talented artists, using their superpowers for an even more superior sound.

The Mad Liberator. A musical Ghandi. Motor City’s pride and joy – Griz.


The Gram-Addict. An orchestral virtuoso. With a doctorate in electronic rhythm and blues, Gramatik.




One comment on “Mad Liberator & The Gram-Addict Strike Again [PREVIEW] — My People — [FUNKY] [Really..Funky]

  1. […] Anywho, Gramatik’s tracks are soulful, spirited, and the perfect soundtrack to a roaring 20′s-ra…. Take it from us, there’s no better way to kick back than with Gramatik. Don’t miss his set on Saturday at Spring Awakening Music Festival (sorry AN21 & Max Vangeli, Felix Da Housecat, and David S). It’ll be one to remember. […]


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