Easy Disco: Porter Robinson and Mat Zo – Easy (Lemaître Remix) [HAPPY] [FUNKY]


Lemaître is an indie-electronic duo from Norway. The group consists of Ketil & Ulrik, who banded in the summer of 2010. Their home page states that they “create raging disco beats, mixed with soft synthphrases and gripping melodies.”

Raging disco beats, huh? Sounds dirty.

Their live performances set them apart, incorporating both live vocals and live instrumentals. Their influences include Justice, Phoenix, Daft Punk, Deadmau5, Noisia, Ratatat, and Röyksopp.

On this track, Lemaître serves up quite the assist for Porter Robinson and Mat Zo.  The Norwegian duo takes one of our favorite pop EDM songs, and totally takes it to the next level. Sort of like Andy Brinker in the final scene of ‘Brink‘, except with music and not roller blades. Well, maybe roller blades. Disco derby?

While still maintaining that original funk, the Dutch producers create a fresh, hard hitting jam out of the song’s original sound.

If “‘loving you is easy,” why can’t loving this remix be the same way?

Enjoy friends.

4 comments on “Easy Disco: Porter Robinson and Mat Zo – Easy (Lemaître Remix) [HAPPY] [FUNKY]

  1. Wow, that drop is HUGE! What a solid production! I haven’t heard the original so I wasn’t sure where the song was going, but wow, it definitely got me moving. Thanks for posting!


  2. […] Fresh on the heels of Lemaitre’s new release, Relativity 3, this track is stirring up the HypeM charts and receiving rave reviews from peer musicians such as Porter Robinson. The ultimate compliment after Lemaitre remixed some of Porter’s hard-hitting tracks. (you can listen to the remixes here) […]

  3. Michael J says:

    I absolutely adore this song at the minute and have included it in recent top 5 electronic dance tracks. Also the video has Daft Punk written all over it!

  4. […] Porter Robinson landed at #40 on DJ Mag’s Top 100 DJs List for 2012. Robinson is currently working on his new album, with the release date yet to be determined. […]


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