Zomboy – Here to Stay Ft. Lady Chann [FUNKY] [HEAVY]

Zomboy kicks off a big week of releases in the world of EDM with his latest original mix, “Here to Stay”, featuring UK singer Lady Chann.

No Tomorrow Recordings, the sister label of dubstep imprint Never Say Die Records, contains some of EDM’s more talented pioneers, with Zomboy leading the charge. With sub genres popping up left and right, Zomboy and his crew look to make sense of it all by producing cross genre masterpieces that stand the test of time.

Here’s what he had to say about the creation of both labels:

The big difference between the two labels will be purely musical. Never Say Die has built an incredible reputation around the world of dubstep, and is often seen to be at the forefront of the genre. No Tomorrow, however, will be a new platform for artists wanting to reach out to other genres like electro, trap and much more.”

Don’t forget to check out Zomboy at this summer’s Spring Awakening Festival at Soldier Field. We at Rager Onions cannot wait to see what the young, 23 year old mastermind has in store for 2013.


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