Bro Safari – The Drop [FREE DOWNLOAD] [FUNKY] [HEAVY]

Cock and steady your sawed-off shotty. You’re gonna need it to combat  these fierce trap beats headed your way. Bro Safari was spot on when he titled this new hit, “The Drop”.

From his roots in the genre of drum and bass, Bro Safari has expanded his sound to cover the entire spectrum of ‘bass’ music. Currently, he has shifted his focus to the realm of Moombahton.

Upon the new release, he thanks his fans on SoundCloud saying:

“You’ve all been really good to me, so I’ll keep doing this as often as possible without compromising the quality of the material that I’m giving away. I definitely don’t want to just hand you guys “filler” tracks. Anyway, I have a lot of music in the pipeline, so there won’t be any shortage of material from me in 2013.”

We will hold him to that promise.


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