–Revolvr– Clockwork EP [FREE DOWNLOAD]

Over the past couple years, Las Vegas has transformed itself into a makeshift, domestic Ibiza. Some of the most profitable clubs in the world call this so-called Sin City home for 365 days a year. Their success hasn’t gone unnoticed. Everyone from Skrillex to Tiesto has at some point held a residency at one of the many exotic venues within the city limits. While many of these artists may live in Las Vegas for an extended period of time, not many can actually call it home.

Cue Revolvr.

It’s no suprise that Touvan Sughiarto implements so many different artists into his sets and productions. When the biggest EDM artists in the world are playing in your backyard, it’s tough not to listen . He states,

The name points to the fact that my style revolves around so many different aspects of music. I take what I feel I connected to in each genre and infuse that into my own work, whether it’s a remix or an original production.”

Checkout his new EP titled “Clockwork”, and make sure to grab the FREE DOWNLOAD after the break.


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