So Down With Funky Town: Kill Paris Drops EP — To A New Earth [FUNKY]

After an excruciating wait, Kill Paris finally released his new EP To a New Earth on OWSLA Records.

Each song slaps that funky and glitchy grime that Kill Paris is becoming famous for. Corey Baker makes you ask yourself a lot of questions with this album:

Should I be gettin’ down with your boo?

Should I be smooth grindin’ up on some honey?

Do you mind if we dance with your dates?

Whatever is going on in that sick and sensual mind of yours, there’s no doubt this EP burns with some sexy fire. But in very non-typical Kill Paris fashion, the album is NOT free. So be sure to respect this love-funk guru, and purchase it on OWSLA, Beatport, or iTunes.

With contributions from Griz, K Theory, Candyland, Robert Delong, Gramatik, and Maor Levi – this album is baby-making music at its finest.

Bow Chicka Wow Wow.


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